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Keswick Vineyards
August 3, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

The Perfect Plan

We were lucky to end our stretch of July vineyard weddings with Shannon and Nathan on Saturday, the 30th. They chose Keswick Vineyards to be their wedding venue for its incredible views and they were so excited for their friends and families to see and fall in love with them just as they had.

The day was gorgeous! We had the perfect amount of sunlight and clouds to make for beautiful photo backdrops for Shannon and Nathan. While the girls were being pampered with hair and makeup in the bridal suite and the guys relaxing with good music and games of pool in the man’s cave, Keswick Vineyards team looked across the mountain to see a baby storm approaching. Our first thoughts? Check radar! When we did, we realized that it would be a short summer storm that would blow over quickly and drop the summer temperatures to a more comfortable degree. Great!

With quick thinking and swift planning on Keswick’s end we decided to switch things up for their wedding. Not knowing when the storm would come and go, and knowing we were approaching ceremony time, we decided to start things off in reverse order. We welcomed guests into cocktail hour first and kept them happy with music, great Keswick Vineyards virginia wine, and (of course) food!

The couple had HotCakes as their wedding caterer who had quite the spread for guests to enjoy. They loved the variety they were offered and it served as a great “distraction” while we waited for this summer storm to pass. Sure enough, it did just in the nick of time! Cocktail hour was wrapping up, catering and Keswick Vineyards quickly set up for ceremony out front of the main estate looking towards the fountain, vineyard, and mountains. We had an outdoor ceremony!

Shannon and Nathan were absolutely thrilled and even commented on how them and their guests loved being able to mingle and chat with drinks and appetizers before the ceremony. “Everyone was so happy,” said Nathan.

Ceremony completed and guests then gathered underneath of our beautiful, sailcloth Sperry Tent for reception where they enjoyed a delicious and intimate dinner followed by dancing the night away with DJ Frank Smith.

Thank you to our incredible vendors for making this day run so smoothly! Catering and Desserts, HotCakes. Photography, Moonrise Photography. Hair and Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Flowers, Mother of the Bride. DJ, Frank Smith with Prime Time Sound. Officiant, Fred Adkins. Rentals, MS Events.

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Keswick Vineyards
July 24, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Helen and Ali's Wedding Day!

Congratulations to Helen and Ali who had their vineyard wedding here at Keswick Vineyards on Sunday, July 24th. The couple came a long way away (all the way from cold, cold Boston) to celebrate with their family and friends here on a hot, hot July afternoon!

Despite the rising temperatures, guests stayed cool underneath of the shade of Keswick's many trees. Before ceremony they enjoyed the scenic sweeping mountain and vineyard views in front of the historic estate and mingled until it was time for the ceremony to start. Helen was the bell of the ball! The dress she wore took everyone by surprise. A long sleeve dress in July? Yes! The dress held a great deal of sentiment to her and her family. It was designed and handmade by her great,  great grandmother  over 100 years ago. It fit her like a glove and was a great tribute to honor past generations of her family and the traditions she'd bring into her new life with Ali.

Helen and Ali snuck away for photos after their ceremony as their guests were sent to cocktail hour to listen to the music of a blue grass ensemble. They were quite the hit! After the magic hour of photo taking, the couple joined their guests underneath of Keswick Vineyard's Sperry tent, which kept them significantly cooler with the breeze from our eight fans!

DJ Ricky kept the party alive throughout the evening once guests filled their bellies with Charlottesville's local wedding cater, C&O's delicious eats. A quick outfit change by Helen and a few streamers and cans tied to the back of their "Just Married" getaway car, and this couple was ready for their much anticipated sparkler send off! Away in the night they went as they continued to celebrate their life as the new Mr. and Mrs. wrapping up their memorable evening at one of Charlottesville's most picturesque vineyard wedding venues!

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so great! Catering and Event Planner, C&O Catering. Photography, Justin Kunimoto Photography. Rentals, MS Events. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. DJ, DJ Ricky. Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music, Bellevue Rhythmaires. Hair and Makeup, Judy Hayward. Bouquets, Colonial Florist. Floral arrangements, Elena Day. Trees, J.W. Townsend Landscapes. Officiant, Tracy Wispelwey.


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Keswick Vineyards
July 20, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

A White Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good White Wedding?! Katie and Carter, the new Mr. and Mrs. White were married here at Keswick Vineyards on July 16th. They shared the perfect Saturday with friends and family as they celebrated their love story with us right here in Charlottesville, VA.

It had been a long time coming. Katie and Carter had been together for so long that when asked it simply seemed like forever. Tying the knot for them was a no brainer. In fact, tying the knot was such a no brainer that they incorporated the knot’s symbolism into their ceremony. There were three individual ropes, all of which were braided together to make for an even stronger strand. Together they can do anything and their bond will not break.

After their ceremony, the couple and their wedding party snuck away for some unforgettable picture perfect photos. We caught one of the groomsmen sporting their matching Virginia Tech socks! The fun continued with dinner and dancing and one of our favorite ways to utilize our gazebo…a photo booth! It always is a crowd favorite.

But what’s a White wedding without the views? Katie and Carter were blessed with a bit of rain once guests were well under the tent enjoying their dinner and after it passed it led to an absolutely incredible (and colorful) Charlottesville sunset. They really lucked out!

Congratulations to them as they continue on with their forever!

Thank you to our vendors! Wedding planner, Megan Morgan. Caterer, Hanks Smokehouse. Photography, Dominique Attaway Photography. Florist, Rask Florist. Photo Booth, Star City Photo Booth. Transportation, UT’s and Camryn Limousine. DJ, Kendall New. Hair, Ulta Beauty Salon. Officiant, John McGowan.

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Keswick Vineyards
July 13, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Julianne and Adam's Wedding!

Julianne and Adam married here at Keswick Vineyards on July 9, 2016. They were the perfectly creative and witty couple that inspired clever decor for their wedding day. The couple have been together for years, so long in fact that when you ask their families they simply resort to saying "forever", which I guess is appropriate for their title together now as husband and wife!

Being the creative couple they are they had a few elements of their wedding that were personal and symbolic to them. Flowers were first and foremost on that list. Julianne and Adam (and their entire wedding party and family) spent the day before their wedding together at Irvington Spring Farm in Lynchburg. There they hand made bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces for the entire wedding. How fun! Not only was it a great coming together idea for the couple, but also a practical one. The combination of Irvington Spring Farm and this wedding party worked...because their flowers were beautiful, bright, and memorable. Well done!

The groom wanted to make a special treat for his bride and their guests.  Adam handmade their  "photo booth" where guests were able to capture photos of themselves for the couple to enjoy as a keepsake years to come. We often see photo booths, but never one quite like this personal hand made device by the groom himself. It made it all the more enjoyable and guests loved it!

We are so glad we got to celebrate such a momentous day with this couple, but our vendors truly helped! Catering, Southern Inn Catering. Photographer, Skyryder Photography. Florist, Irvington Spring Farm. Desserts, Sweethaus. Hair and Makeup, Briana B. Adams. DJ, Ricky Morris. Musician, Adam Carter. Wedding Planner, Cindi. Officiant, Evan Wolfe. Transporation, Albemarle Limousine

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Keswick Vineyards
July 3, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Anchors Away!

It was no surprise when Berkley and Peter walked through our doors that Keswick Vineyards was the perfect place for their vineyard wedding. It was also no surprise that there was one key detail that would tie this wedding (and in turn this couple) together. What is that? The Navy.

Lieutenant Peter Maki married the love of his life Berkley here at Keswick Vineyards on July 3rd. They were our second couple to get married over the 4th of July holiday weekend.  The timing of their vineyard wedding couldn’t have been better, with them naturally loving everything surrounding the good US of A and everything that fit within red, white, and blue realm. The military presence was very apparent in many aspects of their wedding, from their guests high ranks in multiple divisions of our armed services, to patriotic corn hole boards, a service dog, and the traditional sword arch initiation of the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs.

In honor of the Navy, white were a must for Peter. He proudly wore his whites as he stood at the fountain waiting to finally make Berkley a Maki. They sealed an engraved box containing three different Keswick Vineyards wines, all of which are meant to age perfectly (just like their love) throughout the years. For their 1st, 5th, and 10th anniversary they’ll open the box and read their vows in remembrance of the day they said “I do”.

When it came time to the reception, that’s when the fun started! We knew the military would know how to party, but we underestimated their moves on the dance floor! T.D. Layman kept them on the dance floor all night and everyone had an awesome time. When couples would break away from the dance floor they had a bourbon and cigar bar to enjoy in the gazebo…the perfect late night treat. Speaking of treats, what’s a Navy wedding without the infamous sword cake cutting?! For anyone else who witnessed this event, we all know to leave the sword play to Peter.

Huge thanks to the following vendors for making their Charlottesville wedding so wonderful! Day of coordinator, Keswick Vineyards. Catering, Exchange Events & Catering. Photography, April Bennett Photography. Florist, Ginger & Blooms. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Desserts, Sweethaus. Rentals, MS Events. DJ, T.D. Layman with Sound Enforcement DJ Service. Transportation, Albemarle Limousine and Blue Ridge Tours. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company and The AV Company. Officiant, Matt Goodrich.


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Keswick Vineyards
July 2, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Mark and Brittany's Food Truck Wedding!

Brittany and Mark started off our 4th of July weekend with their wedding on Saturday, July 2nd. With it being 4th of July weekend, they wanted to make sure their guests had as most fun as humanly possible. So, what did they do? They threw a “backyard bash”!

It’s typical to celebrate Independence Day weekend every year with friends, family, and loved ones relaxing, grilling out, laughing, and (of course) watching the fireworks. Brittany and Mark cleverly brought all of those aspects into their wedding day here at Keswick Vineyards. For fun guests played corn hole, ping pong, and jumbo jenga (one of my new favorite trends!) For food, they brought in food trucks! Who doesn’t love a good food truck? They had three that night, all contributing different flavors for their friends and family. Everything from pizza to bourbon glazed donuts could be ordered by guests. Whatever their hearts desired, they were able to walk up, order, and enjoy!

But what’s food without wine? Better yet…what’s food without Keswick Vineyards wine?! Needless to say, they had awesome assortment of Keswick Vineyards wines to go with their spread. Not a drop of deliciousness was wasted!

Thank you to the following vendors for a great event! Food, Blue Ridge Pizza, Spiked Food Truck, and Carpe Donut. Event Design & Planning, Valley and Salt. Day of coordination, Kaitlyn Hoy with KEH Designs and Amanda Troutman. Rentals, Paisley & Jade and Festive Fare. Photographer, Aster and Olive Photography. Hair and Makeup, Avenue 42. Florist, The Proper Petal. Officiant, Melody Porter. DJ, Greg Tutwiler with National DJ Connection. Desserts, Sweethaus. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company and The AV Company.


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Keswick Vineyards
June 29, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

When Life gives you a Lemon…Marry Him!

Brittney and Lance (now Mr. and Mrs. Lemon) have a long history and many, many years of memories together. They’ve known one another almost all of their lives, starting back to when they first met in elementary school. Throughout the years, Brittney always had Lance’s back. They were best friends who fell in love. Life brought them together when they were kids, pulled them apart some of their adult lives, but then threw them a bone (or maybe a lemon?) and brought them back together in New York!

Love proves to continually stand throughout the test of time. We see it in the movies often, and while getting to know Brittney and Lance we witnessed it through their story. Admittedly it took their families a bit to jump on the Brittney and Lance train, but once they saw their consistent commitment, constant love, and how they always (no matter what) looked out for one another, it was easy for them to fall in love with them together as well.

To symbolize their two families joining together a couple of traditions took place, the first starting at their ceremony. They blended sand together into a heart shaped contained as an act of “his and hers” coming together. Later on in the evening, a special tribute was made specifically for Brittney. Lance and his Fraternity brothers sat her comfortably in a chair on the center of the dance floor and the men surrounded her, all the while holding hands. They sang to her in hymn. It was such a beautiful moment, and (to me) it was the perfect way for his fraternity to metaphorically say “you’re officially a Lemon”.

Brittney knew all along. So did Lance. Lance’s father in his speech said something along the lines of “You’re now a Lemon and what you make of it is up to you. You can use it to drink tequila or make lemonade, but the choice is yours.” What did Brittney do…..? She married it!

Many thanks to the following vendors!  Catering, Mama J’s Kitchen. Event Planner, Kim Lynch. Photography, Shot with A Bow Photography. Florist, Hedge Fine Blooms. Rentals, MS Events. Desserts, Pearls Bake Shoppe. DJ, DJ Rayvon. Hair, Megan Lewis. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Transportation, Easy Rider Bus Company. Officiant, Vernon Gordon.


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Keswick Vineyards
June 22, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Meet the Carlisle's

Congratulations to Carrie and Robert who got hitched here on Saturday, June 18th! They've always held a special place in my heart since the moment I first met them. Carrie may not know this, but I call her "my Carrie". She was one of the first brides for me when I came to Keswick Vineyards and for that, as well as many other reasons, she made a huge impression!

Carrie and Robert were very laid back, down to Earth, fun loving, and fancy people. Quite the combination right? Their wedding was a direct reflection of that! They treated their guests to a laid back, fun, and fancy party!

During their ceremony in front of the fountain music was played by The Classical Hillbillies. To introcue the bride down the aisle she had her parade of flower girls and ring bearers in tow. Seriously, how cute were they? They continued during cocktail hour while guests made their way to a plantation style bar setup underneath of our big oak tree for Keswick Vineyards wine and other refreshments. The white bar in front of our big tree really made a statement. I'll be sure to recommend this setup to our future couples!  The couple combined their escort seating cards and their favors into one...coke bottles! They had "old school" glass coke bottles with name tags tied at the top which indicated which table guests were at. Also tied around the bottle neck were mini Virginia branded bottle openers. Clever! (And else were  guests going to open them to enjoy?!)

Underneath of the Sperry tent bistro lights glittered the ceiling and a long stretch of a King's table was beautifully dressed in the center right at the head of the dance floor. Magnolia leaves and other floral were a simple and stunning touch. Just the right amount of decor without taking away from the beauty Keswick Vineyards already has to offer!

While a freshly prepared meal was being cooked up right behind the main tent by Exchange Events & Catering, Robert Radifera snuck the couple out for photos deep within the vineyard where the tall grass grows. Cindy caught the perfect action shot of Robert doing his thing!

When they got back to the tent, dinner was served! They dined, they danced, and then they Carpe Donut'd!

Thank you to our vendor friends! Wedding Planner, Meghan Streit with Shindig Weddings. Catering, Exchange Events & Catering. Photography, Robert Radifera Photography. Desserts, Carpe Donuts. Rentals, MS Events, Festive Fare, and Stonegate Event Rentals. Hair and Makeup, Melissa Schwartz Jones. Florist, Southern Blooms. DJ, Derek Tobler. Musician, Classical Hillbillies. Photo Booth, Swell Booth. Transportation, Camryn Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, Travis Boone.


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Keswick Vineyards
June 20, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

EAT, Drink, and Be Married!

When you put two restaurant owners together, what do you get? FOOD! Andy and Julie, owners of several restaurants in Charlottesville, Richmond, and DC tied the knot at Keswick Vineyards on Sunday, June 12th. With two foodies getting married it was no secret that food and beverages were high on their priority list for their wedding!

They were looking for their guests to enjoy “an experience” much like the story of their love. Every part of their day was packed with memorable food and drinks for their friends and loved ones to indulge on. Starting with pre-ceremony lemonade cocktails, followed by fresh hand-shucked oysters during cocktail hour, and ending in a trip around the world with food stations by Harvest Moon, Andy, Julie, and their guests DINED.

The dinner spread consisted of four stations. First, a biscuit bar with friend chicken and fried green tomatoes and spicy pimento cheese. Second, an Asian bar with ramen noodles, garden rolls, and Yakitori agidashe. Next, a trip to Mexico! Individual pork carnitas with fresh guacamole and cilantro. And finally, the main attraction (so much so that Andy personally gave a nod to it during his welcome speech to make sure everyone didn’t miss out)…the Cheesesteaks! Philly Cheesesteaks with shaved rib-eye with all of the fixin’s. We can’t lie, it was a bit of torture having to wait until its grand opening to enjoy the flavors our noses already smelled!

Congratulations to Julie and Andy! Much like a good steak and cheese you two really are perfectly paired.

Catering, Harvest Moon Catering. Oyster Shuckers, Skipjack Purveyors. Event Planner, Crystal Whittecar. Photographer, Sarah Cramer Photo. Florist, Cville Blooms. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Desserts, Sweethaus. Photo Booth, Photo Booth of Charlottesville. DJ, Thomas Dean. Musicians, Plum Blossom String Quartet. Transportation, Ambassador Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, Julie Trump.


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Keswick Vineyards
June 17, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Going the Distance

When love's made strong roots you not only can see it but you can feel it as well. When I first met Ashley and Nate an overwhelming feeling of happiness was present in the room. They had a glow! A glow that never once faded even a year after our first meeting when they arrived at Keswick Vineyards on June 11th to say "I do".

Much like when I first met this couple, Ashley and Nate had a mutual feeling of a connection when they met for the first time. Life took them to opposite ends of the country but they had an unspoken agreement to "chat daily, write weekly and travel monthly" to build their relationship. A few years down the road, a few dozen plane rides, and what I'm sure were countless amounts of chats they found themselves together in DC buying a home and starting a life. From there, they were goners and on a mid December day Nate popped the question and Ashley, of course, said yes!

Our amazing vendor friends made Ashley and Nate's day as memorable as their love story. With the right combination of the perfect venue, creative wedding decor, beautiful blooms, award winning wine, gourmet food, a full dance floor, and late night cupcakes any wedding can be as dreamy as this one!

Thank you to all of our vendor friends, time and time again. Catering, Roadside Chive Catering & Events. Wedding Planner, Danielle Fricke. Photographer, George Street Photography. Desserts, Sweethaus. DJ, Mark Allen with Class Production DJ Service. Musician, Billy Caldwell. Florist, Jackie. Hair & Makeup, Kelsea Dayberry. Officiant, Phil Gates with Sacred Ground Ceremonies. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Rentals, MS Events. Transportation, Easy Rider Bus Company.

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