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Keswick Vineyards
June 29, 2016 | Weddings | Keswick Vineyards

When Life gives you a Lemon…Marry Him!

Brittney and Lance (now Mr. and Mrs. Lemon) have a long history and many, many years of memories together. They’ve known one another almost all of their lives, starting back to when they first met in elementary school. Throughout the years, Brittney always had Lance’s back. They were best friends who fell in love. Life brought them together when they were kids, pulled them apart some of their adult lives, but then threw them a bone (or maybe a lemon?) and brought them back together in New York!

Love proves to continually stand throughout the test of time. We see it in the movies often, and while getting to know Brittney and Lance we witnessed it through their story. Admittedly it took their families a bit to jump on the Brittney and Lance train, but once they saw their consistent commitment, constant love, and how they always (no matter what) looked out for one another, it was easy for them to fall in love with them together as well.

To symbolize their two families joining together a couple of traditions took place, the first starting at their ceremony. They blended sand together into a heart shaped contained as an act of “his and hers” coming together. Later on in the evening, a special tribute was made specifically for Brittney. Lance and his Fraternity brothers sat her comfortably in a chair on the center of the dance floor and the men surrounded her, all the while holding hands. They sang to her in hymn. It was such a beautiful moment, and (to me) it was the perfect way for his fraternity to metaphorically say “you’re officially a Lemon”.

Brittney knew all along. So did Lance. Lance’s father in his speech said something along the lines of “You’re now a Lemon and what you make of it is up to you. You can use it to drink tequila or make lemonade, but the choice is yours.” What did Brittney do…..? She married it!

Many thanks to the following vendors!  Catering, Mama J’s Kitchen. Event Planner, Kim Lynch. Photography, Shot with A Bow Photography. Florist, Hedge Fine Blooms. Rentals, MS Events. Desserts, Pearls Bake Shoppe. DJ, DJ Rayvon. Hair, Megan Lewis. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Transportation, Easy Rider Bus Company. Officiant, Vernon Gordon.



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