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Cindy Schornberg
June 22, 2015 | Cindy Schornberg

Meaghan & Eric’s “stormy” wedding day

There’s always a first for everything and Saturday was once of those days at Keswick Vineyards.  Meaghan & Eric were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, June 20th.  Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Bill was an uninvited guests for them.  Earlier in the week, Tropical Storm Bill came ashore in Texas and slowly made its way towards Virginia.  At Friday nights rehearsal Meaghan had already accepted that it would be raining on her wedding day.  She was hopeful that she would still be able to have her ceremony outside but if not, she was good with our rain plan.
Saturday came and the day started out just beautiful but we all new this was the calm before the storm.  Knowing that we would be getting something that night we prepared the reception tent so it would be ready in case of a bad storm.  We watched the radar closely and saw that we were going to be able to do the ceremony outside but then the bands of the storm would be hitting us.  The ceremony was just beautiful in front of the fountain with the backdrop of the vineyard and mountains.  We quickly headed out to get some photos down by the pond for it was a priority for Meaghan.  Just as we were finishing the photos the rain started.  We quickly road the golf cart back to the estate and joined the rest of the guests for cocktails under the tent to wait out the storm.
This storm had some muscles to it.  With the rain pouring down and the wind blowing we quickly got the sides on the tent to keep everyone dry.  I’ve never seen rain come down like that except when I was in Florida for another tropical storm.  Guests enjoyed themselves as they enjoyed cocktails and appetizers.  Even the DJ got into the spirit of the storm by playing songs like “Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head”.  Once the storm blew threw we opened the sides of the tent an everyone went outside to see the double rainbow Mother Nature had giving us.  I wasn’t able to get a photo of it but can’t wait to see what their photographer took.  We got about a 30 minute break before another wave came threw but this time not as bad.  Dinner was served just before that wave hit so guests were able to finish dinner while waiting that one out.  After that wave we were good for the night so the sides came off the tent and everyone started to dance the rest of the night away.  Late night snacks were provided along with a delicious dessert bar which included some chocolates from Michigan.  Oh yah, did I forget to mention this couple was from Michigan???  I thought it was great that they made their entrance into the reception tent to the U of M fight song. 
I’m sure Meaghan & Eric and their guests will always remember this wedding.  The storm definitely added another element to the occasion.  I will always remember what a great attitude they had towards the weather along with their guests.  I’m not sure many couples would have such a carefree attitude and allow themselves to relax and enjoy their wedding day no matter what Mother Nature was throwing at them.  I think with that attitude it made it a lot easier on all the vendors that worked so hard at doing everything possible to make this wedding be just as perfect with or without the storm.  A special thank you for all the vendors for working so hard to pull off this wedding:  Caterer Groovin’ Gourmets, Furniture Rentals by Paisley & Jade, DJ T.D. Layman of Sound Enforcement, Musicians Madison Trio during ceremony & cocktail hour, Photographer Don & Lindsey Mears of Don Mears Photography, Hair & Make-up by Lou Stevens Glam Squad, Verde Natural Florals, Albemarle Limousine, MS Rentals and Keswick Vineyards as Day Of Event Planner.

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Cindy Schornberg
June 17, 2015 | Cindy Schornberg

Elaine & Ken's Wedding Day

Elaine & Ken were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, June 13th.  Nothing could of made this couple more happier then to see the rain that was forecasted for the day never to appear!  Once the radar was clear, high fives were given, and the all outdoor wedding was on!  Special thanks to Jacqueline from Barbeque Exchange who seems to intimidate Mother Nature every time.  LOVE that girl!
Elaine was just breath taking!  Her hair and make-up were just flawless and those earrings!  AMAZING!!!  She looked like a model in that dress of hers with that long veil.  Ken didn't look so bad either:)  Elaine & Ken had chosen fuchsia and gold as their wedding colors.  Boy did the reception tent look amazing!  With fuchsia tableclothes with giant floral arrangements on top of tall glass vases and gold plates accented with bistro lighting through out the tent.  I just loved the look.  Be sure to chck out the cute grooms cake the bride had made  from their dogs.
I knew when Elaine and Ken did their first dance together that this was a dancing couple.  Most couples have a slow song for their first dance.  Not these two.  They "performed" for the crowd and everyone loved it!  That dancing continued the entire night especially with Elaine and her father.  Boy could they dance!  I especially loved it when Elaines parents had a song dedicated to them that was their wedding song many, many years ago.  When I heard it I couldn't believe it.  It was the same song that I walked down the aisle to when I was married.  This is not a common song that is normally played at wedding ceremonies.  Since I was married in Hawaii it is more of a Hawaiin song so it was really weird to heard that being played as "their" song.  Funny how things like that happen.  Any ways, I just loved everything about this couple and their wedding and I want to send a special thank you for the exceptional vendors that gave it their all to make this wedding so special for them:  Caterer Barbecue Exchange, Wedding Planner Jennifer Hamlin of Events with Panache, DJ Greg Tutwiler of National DJ Connection, Photographer Stephanie Messick Photography, Video by Red Heron Productions, Hair & Make-up by Eric Stickler of Main Street Station, Florist Mary Henry of Mary Henry Designer, Blue Ridge Transportation, Rentals by MS Events, Officiant Paul Ownes and Skyline Tent Company.

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Cindy Schornberg
June 15, 2015 | Cindy Schornberg

Michelle & Ryan's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Michelle and Ryan who were married on Friday, June 12th, at Keswick Vineyards.  There are so many different locations to have your ceremony at Keswick Vineyards.  There is an area in front of the vineyard, another area in front of the fountain, another area under a giant, 300+ year old oak tree, another area that has the Edgewood Estate, the fountain, vineyard and mountains all in the background, could there be more?  Well, yes.  Michelle and Ryan had chosen a new area for their ceremony.  Michelle really liked this spruce tree with how the branches fell to the ground creating almost a cave effect.  Hanging glass globe ornaments from those branches provided the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.
What I loved the most about this couple was their sense of humor.  It was very evident in their ceremony.  When it came time for the rings the groomsmen all acted like they didn't know who had the rings.  It was a cute surprise for the groom when they did that.  It was only appropriate then for the best man, which also was Ryan's father, to drop the ring when he finally got it.  No one could help but to chuckle.
Michelle's Mother worked very hard organizing all the details for this wedding.  She even made all the floral arrangements including the bouquets.  What an undertaking for her since she lives in Florida and had to bring all that stuff with her in a trailer.  Hats off to Glenda & Don for putting on such a wonderful event.
Special thanks to the following vendors:  Officiant Brandon Samuel, Caterer Groovin' Gourmets, DJ Dustin Spears, Photographer Nick Kessler, Easy Rider Bus Company and Richard Photo & Video Booth.

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Cindy Schornberg
June 8, 2015 | Cindy Schornberg

Heather & Drew's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Heather & Drew who were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, June 6th.  I know the week leading up to this day had everyone a little nervous about the weather.  The forecast was calling for rain.  At one point it was at 90%!  That morning the skies were just sunny and beautiful yet the forecast was still saying 40% chance of rain.  Well, to everyones delight, we had no rain!!!  The weather actually was perfect because we had a very nice breeze to keep everyone comfortable with the sun out.  Thank you Mother Nature!
Some times I wonder how couples choose Keswick Vineyards.  I found out that when Heather & Drew were touring our property Drew just happened to look inside the main house and noticed that my husband was watching a Detroit Lions football game.  With Drew being from Michigan and hearing that we were originally from Michigan, the deal was done!  I'm so happy they chose our venue because it is so nice to have other fellow Michiganders come for a visit to reminence about our home town.  I love all the little sutle touches that let everyone know this was a union of a couple from Michigan and Virginia.  Notice the corn hole games each had a state represented on it and the cake topper was just so cute!
I think the biggest hit from this wedding was the whiskey/cigar bar in the gazebo.  Both males and females were enjoying that treat.  For Heather & Drew, I think one of their favorite keepsake will be an old school polaroid picture taken by their photographer Cade Bowman.  Can't believe Cade still has any film that would work in that type of camera.  Special thanks to the following vendors for making this wedding just picture perfect:  Caterer Harvest Moon, Officiant Brian Purcell of Two Become One Ministry, Wedding Cake by Sweethaus, DJ Andy Wilfong of Party Masters, Cade Bowman Photography, Floral Designs by Jacquelyn Collums, Hair & Make-up by Bella Boutique and Transportation by Richard's Bus Line.

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Cindy Schornberg
June 4, 2015 | Cindy Schornberg

Cassidy and Frank's Wedding

Rounding out another 3 wedding week end at Keswick Vineyards was the marriage of Cassidy & Frank.  Have you ever wondered where people that live in Las Vegas get married?  Well, now you know.  They come to Keswick Vineyards!  It has been such a pleasure working with Cassidy and her mother-in-law over the past year as they would make frequent visits through out their year of planning.  All that planning really showed with a picture perfect wedding day.  Cassidy was a very hands on bride that made most of the decorations and trinkets herself.  Each guests got a personalized wine charm to put on their Keswick Vineyards wine glass that they each got to take home as a souvenir.  She made out of burlap holders for the silverware that was at each place setting.  
I have so many favorite moments from this wedding.  From Cassidy's first look with her father to a surprised son/Mother dance that rocked the crowd.  This wedding was so intimate and so full of love that everyone could feel it.  Cassidy's uncle performed the heart felt ceremony, Cassidy's cousin was the photographer and her Aunt & niece were the wedding planners.  A slide show was shown on the Sperry tent mid way through the reception showcasing the lives of Cassidy and Frank. One other surprise that was done for the couple by Franks Mother was she printed some photos from the ceremony and framed them and had them waiting for the couple on their sweetheart table.  I love their reaction when they finally saw them.  Special thanks to all the wonderful vendors that work so hard to make these weddings just perfect for our couples:  Caterer Southern Inn, DJ Mark Allen, Photo Booth by Focus & Fabulous, Photographer Charlie Colleton, Hair & Make-up by Judy Hayward, Colonial Florist, Officiant Patrick Propster and Aunt Wanda & Sabrina as the wedding planners. PS  Is it just me or does Cassidy look like Celine Dion?  

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