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Cindy Schornberg
September 23, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Megan & Andrew's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Megan & Andrew who were married on Sunday, September 21st, at Keswick Vineyards.  Another gorgeous day was provided to match this gorgeous couple.  Megan just looked amazing in her wedding dress.  The beaded details on the bodice looked stunning on her with the airy flowness of the bottom.  Megan was able to design her wedding dress by picking the style she wanted for the top and then the style she wanted for the bottom.  All I can say is she nailed it and looked amazing!!!  The guys also were just as good looking in their grey suits.  With the purple and orange accent colors in the flowers, wow!  Everything just looked so nice.  Verde Natural Florist did an amazing job with the flowers.  The large arrangements for the ceremony on top of wine barrels looked just perfect at the end of an aisle lined with shepherd hooks with baby breath in mason jars.  Megan’s bouquet was amazing also.  Attached to it was a photo of her mother who lost her battle to breast cancer.  In her memory, a card was at each table setting letting guests know that a donation to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Center was made in their name.  Megan also included some photos of her Mother that were displayed on a ladder shelf.  Her spirit was definitely felt.  Guest enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by The Local and danced the night away under the guidance of DJ T.D. Layman of Sound Enforcement.  Can’t wait to see photos by Photographer Tyler Corvin.  Until then, enjoy mine and thanks to the following vendors:  Caterer and Day of Coordinator The Local, DJ T.D. Layman of Sound Enforcement, Photographer Tyler Corvin, Florist Verde Natural, Hair & makeup by Studio 42, Officiant Brian Purcell, Ceremony & Cocktail musician Eric Vitoff, rentals by MS Events & Skyline Tent Company.  Click here to read photographer Tyler Corvin’s blog with photos.

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Cindy Schornberg
September 21, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Lauren & Brandon's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Lauren & Brandon who were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, September 20th.  Once again, the weather was just perfect! Lauren & Brandon’s wedding was definitely a family affair with Brandon’s Aunt & Uncle being their officiants.  You could just feel the love and emotions throughout the entire ceremony.  Lauren definitely had a vision for her wedding day.  I remember her coming for her walk thru and showing me some pinterest photos of what she wanted.  I love how she had the exterior poles of the Sperry tent covered with fabric.  I was amazed at how just doing that created such a different feel and look to the tent.  I would say it added a feel of elegance and sophistication.  A very nice touch!  She also had a halo of flowers hung over the dance floor.  Special thanks to the following vendors:  Caterer Harvest Moon, Event Planner Amanda Gray of Ashley Baber Weddings, Hayne Photographers, DJ Jay Iseli, Make-up Artist Anne Kibler, Hair by Claudia Salyer, Cake by Bake Love Bakery, Agoff Limo for buses, Rentals by Festive Fare, BBJ Linens and Skyline Tent Company.  Click here to see more photos and read the blog by Hayne Photographers.

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Cindy Schornberg
September 17, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Nicole & Cody's Wedding Day

Nicole & Cody came to our Be Mine with Wine Valentines Day event back in 2013.  To Nicole’s surprise, Cody proposed to her at that event.  With their proposal taking place here it only made since that their wedding should be held here also.  So, on Monday, September 15th, Nicole and Cody were married at Keswick Vineyards!  Keeping with their love for our wines they included in their ceremony a wooden box which contained a bottle of our wine and love letters they had written to each other.  They hammered the box closed and will open it on their 5th anniversary.  Nicole & Cody had lots of children attending their wedding.  I love the things they did to “entertain” them throughout the evening.  First, they had a ceremony wedding program full of word searches, pictures to color, unscramble words, etc..   After the ceremony, the kids were given a list, like a scavenger hunt, that they went around with iPhones to document things they had to do.  Example, they had to take a picture of the photographer taking a picture.  Things like that.  What a great idea!  Then, at the reception, they had a table for the kids to sit at and had crayons and paper and other items to keep them busy.  I also noticed some goody bags that had chips, candy and other little things that kids love.  Lastly, their DJ would make sure he played songs that were hip to that age group.  I’ve never seen a wedding do that much for their younger guests.  I’m sure these kids had a fantastic time and will remember this wedding forever.  Thank you to the following vendors for their superior service:  Caterer BBQ Exchange, Photographer Tyler Corvin, DJ TD Layman of Sound Enforcement, Hair & Makeup by Jeanne Cusick, Officiant Gay Lee Einstein, Carpe Donuts and MS Events for rentals.  Click here to see Photographer Tyler Corvin’s blog.

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Cindy Schornberg
September 16, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Ali & Beattie's Wedding Day

One word to describe this wedding, FUN!!!  Ali & Beattie were married on Sunday, September 14th, at Keswick Vineyards.  The weather was just perfect for them.  They chose to have their ceremony on the East lawn of Edgewood Estate giving guests a beautiful view of the Southwest Mountains, vineyard, fountain and estate.  I had to take several photos so you can see what a beautiful location it is.  I especially love it for our fall weddings when the fall colors are just everywhere.  Amy at Blue Ridge Floral did an amazing job with all the flowers.  Large floral arrangements decorated the alter and mason jars with flowers were hanging on the chairs on the aisle.  The centerpieces just popped with color.  Had so much fun working with photographer William Walker and his wife.  I always love capturing Will doing his thing getting that perfect picture as you will see below.  Ali & Beattie’s guest were so much fun!  I’ve never seen a wedding with so many people always dancing and singing throughout the entire evening.  I kept being told all night that it was the brides family as if a disclaimer was needed.  I know one thing for sure, they really enjoyed themselves and have Ali, Beattie and the following vendors to thank:  Caterer Harvest Moon, Officiant Claire Goodman, DJ Mark Allen, Photographer William Walker, Blue Ridge Floral, Hair & Makeup by Bristles Hair Salon, Blue Ridge Tours for buses and Skyline Tent Company.

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Cindy Schornberg
September 15, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Katie & Jay's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Katie & Jay who were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, September 13th, to start our 3 in a row wedding week end.  The morning started with rain so I think Katie & Jay accepted the fact that they were most likely going to have to go with their rain plan.  With the help of Mother Nature and our magical umbrellas, no such thing was going to happen.  Katie & Jay ended up having some dramatic skies and great overcast lighting for their photos.  The weather was cooler which was just perfect for everyone.  It was great getting to know Katie & Jay over the past year as they planned their wedding and made several stops to visit.  It gives us such pleasure to see the happiness we bring to each of our couples and their families.  Katie & Jay are just one of the cutest couples and full of romance.  The look and feel that they created in the Sperry tent was soft sophistication.  Simply elegant.  You could find their "cuteness" with how they had messages on the bottom of their shoes, Jay having his custom tuxedo monogrammed with their wedding date and the cute sign carried by Jay's nephew.  What made this wedding extra special was for Jay's brother to not only be his best man, but also the officiant.  How special is that?  It was great sharing their day with some of our most popular vendors.  You will see by one of my photos how their 2nd shooter photographer was showing me how he would make a Rose wine; by pouring a red & white wine together:)  I think Jeff should stick to photography!  Thanks to the following vendors for such a fun & perfect evening:  Event Planner Barb Wired, Caterer 20 South, Jamie Kay Photography, Flowers by Natalie, Hair & Makeup by Lora Kelly, Pastry Chef Paradox Pastry, Carpe Donut, Festive Fare for rentals, Albemarle Limousine and Gordon Holloway as officiant.  Click here to see photos from Photographer Jamie Kay.
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Cindy Schornberg
September 5, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Randi & Justin's Wedding Day - Finally!!!

It was hard to believe that Saturday, August 30th, 2014 was finally here!  With all the planning and visits from Randi & Justin, it was so nice to see their vision become reality.  Randi is a horse loving Southern girl and wanted to add those elements to her wedding day.  Justin spent days cleaning horse shoes for them to be used as seating assignments for the guests.  On the back side was a saying about horse shoes and how you should hang them for good luck.  Centerpieces had blue ribbons won from horse shows and on the buffet table was a horse made from greenery.  Randi just loves magnolias so she had them incorporated into the centerpieces and her bouquet.  I love how her florist used the magnolia leaves in her bouquet.  Randi & Justin chose a little different location at Edgewood Estate for their Charlottesville wedding ceremony to take full advantage of the beautiful view of the Estate, fountain, vineyard & mountains.  So many fun things that Randi & Justin did to make this wedding so special.  One of the highlights from the evening was instead of a traditional wedding cake, they had an ice cream truck!  Guests just loved it (so did I!).  We wish Randi & Justin a life time of happiness and thanks for sharing a dance with Brian!  Thanks to the following vendors for doing such a fantastic job:  Caterer Harvest Moon (their short ribs were out of this world!), Day of Coordinator Whitney Abraham, DJ Andy Wilfong of Party Masters, Photographer Tyler Corvin, Verde Natural Florist, Officiant Bart Smith, Charlottesville School Board Buses, Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck, Skyline Tent Company, Make-up & Hair Artist Amanda Copeland & Carla Grace Semones.  Click here to see photographer Tyler Corvin's blog.

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Cindy Schornberg
September 5, 2014 | Cindy Schornberg

Aylin & Bert's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Aylin & Bert who were married at Keswick Vineyards on Sunday, August 31st. I just love how the Sperry tent looked for this wedding. They chose to add bistro lighting to be hung inside the tent. The look that lighting creates is just spectacular! Ayline & Bert also added 2 farm tables to be used as the head table for the wedding party and brought in some lounge furniture to create a sitting area near the bar. There is something about those farm tables that I just personally love. When you add the flowers and greenery it just has such a nice warm feeling to it. Can't wait to see their photos! Special thanks to the following vendors: Caterer C&O, DJ Daryl McLean, Musician Chris Wyton, Photographer Adam Barnes, Florist Petal Flower Company, Hair Stylist Bristles Salon, Cake by Albemarle Baking Company, Officiant Patrick Rainey, Easy Rider Bus, rentals by MS Events and Skyline Tent Company.

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