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Keswick Vineyards
June 17, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

A Divine Divide

What happens when you have a more intimate guest count? The answer is options!

Gelmi and Dave were married here on Saturday, June 17th with a more intimate guest count of just around seventy. It was the magical number that allowed for them to have some fun with the layout for their reception. With their smaller size they decided to have a little fun. The couple divided the Sperry tent and had one side be for formal dinner seating while the other had elegant Paisley & Jade couch sets that created conversational areas for everyone to enjoy.

Their dinner tables were beautiful! They preferred long “King’s” tables versus round tables for dinner seating. This gave the tent an even more royal and regal feel which, as you can see, was a wonderful compliment to the tent ceiling’s natural lining. Each table had rich ivory linens, lush garland, and (of course) plenty of candles! The comfortable seating allowed for guests to take some time off of their feet and relax even more while soaking in the amazing views Keswick Vineyards has to offer. They were enjoyed not only for their reception, but during their cocktail hour as well!

We love when our couples mix it up with us here and the vineyard, and Gelmi and Dave did just that!

Thank you to the following vendors for all of your help!

Wedding planner, Jazmin with Anyvent. Caterer, Travinia Italian Kitchen. Photographer, Allegra Studios. Hair, Amanda McCoy. Makeup, Makeup by Ravishing. Florist, Colonial Florist. Rentals, MS Events & Paisley & Jade. Transportation, Albemarle Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. DJ, DJ Stroud. Musicians, Piedmont Chambers Players. Officiant, Father Jim. Desserts, Pearls.


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Keswick Vineyards
June 11, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Newlywed Ninja

We married a celebrity here at Keswick Vineyards! Our Ninja Warrior contestant, Mike, married his dream girl, Lauren, on June 11th.

Being all the way from California, they knew they wanted to incorporate many unique ideas to their vineyard wedding so that their friends and family were attending a one of a kind event. Having spent time in France, the couple decided to give a nod to the Pont des Arts (Paris’s Lock Bridge). At the lock bridge, couples write their names on locks, seal them on the bridge as a commitment to love, and then throw away the keys in the river below. Lauren and Mike featured a mini version of it at their wedding!

After a successfully sunny ceremony, guests were ready for the reception and Lauren and Mike were ready to make their grand entrance as husband and wife. Instead of doing a traditional first dance, this singing couple decided on a “first song”. They took to the dance floor and sang their first song together in front of the ones they loved the most. Later on in the night, Mike surprised Lauren with a special song he’d written just for her!

The Cozy Caravan Club made an appearance for their first time ever at Keswick Vineyards and whipped up homemade cotton candy as a late night treat. Guests loved their creative flavors and we were able to capture some cute photos of Mike and Lauren enjoying their first taste!

Big congratulations to our newlyweds. Enjoy your honeymoon in Switzerland!


Wedding coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Catering, Pumpernickel Pickle. Photographer, Caressa Rodgers Photography. Videographer, Simon Cook Films. Hair & Makeup, Georgetown Bride. Florist, Southern Blooms. DJ, The Dapper DJ’s. Desserts, Cozy Caravan Club. Transportation, Albemarle Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Rentals, MS Events. Photo Booth, Photo Booth of Charlottesville. Officiant, Terry Swenson. Desserts, Sweet Fix RVA.

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Keswick Vineyards
June 9, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Keep It Simple Silly

Nicole and Andy are the pair that make you re-believe in love if you’ve forgotten about it recently! These two have a long history together and we were able to share their day with them celebrating on June 9th.

During our planning meetings prior to the big day, one thing quickly became the theme: a garden wedding. They wanted to showcase the beautiful scenery we have here at Keswick Vineyards and accentuate it with lush florals. Keeping it simple was easy and created a very elegant look!

We especially loved their handmade cross that became the focal point of their ceremony. The bride’s father beautifully constructed this 8ft structure and it was beautifully dressed with flowers by Lacy’s Florist.

Guests wandered around the property after Nicole and Andy’s ceremony and enjoyed the views with drinks in hand. Keswick Vineyard’s wine was, of course, the show stopper but their signature cocktail also became a huge hit! The groom, being Austrian, had a special Austrian jugo (meaning juice) to share with their guests during cocktail hour. It was a refreshing treat for a June day.

The night continued, dancing and photo booth fun was had and at the end guests were sent off with full bellies and a sweet treat made by Cakes by Rachel! Overall, the day was one huge success!

Event coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Caterer, Roadside Chive. Photography, KNH Photo. Photo booth, SillyShotz PhotoBooth Company. Florist, Lacy’s Florist. DJ, T.D. Layman. Desserts, Cakes by Rachel. Officiant, John Bates. Rentals, MS Events. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company

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Keswick Vineyards
June 3, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

A Dapper Duo

What happens when you combine the beautiful Keswick Vineyards and a stylish couple? The answer is Lauren and Derek’s wedding! On Saturday, June 3rd we welcomed the extremely dapper Derek and his lovely fiancé Lauren as they married here on a very perfect June day.

Being the owner of a tailored suit company in Charlottesville called Tailored Quest, we knew that the details of their affair would be ones to be remembered. We were in awe of the groom having a wardrobe change mid wedding, but that was just one surprise! The groom assembled a handmade pergola for their ceremony with a beautiful crystal chandelier suspended above them both as they said their “I do’s”. The structure was massive and helped frame their vineyard ceremony beautifully.

Lauren and Derek are both military. With that being said, they’re world travelers as well! For their guestbook they had their guests sign a globe for them to display in their home together. To continue along with their travel theme, guests found their seats by searching for the state they traveled from on the U.S. map. Once they found their home state, they’d find their name and which table to go to for reception. Clever!

When guests finally made their way to the reception, they were not disappointed. Lauren and Derek decked the tent out with bistro lights, draping, and (yes) another chandelier! It was a show stopper for sure. They ate, drank, and were merry and then it was time for toasts. Lauren and Derek brought Prosecco from their recent trip to Italy together and took part in their first Prosecco Tower pour as husband and wife. I must say…they nailed it!

Thank you to our vendors for helping send these travelers off to their honeymoon right!


Event coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Wedding planner, KEH Designs. Catering, Harvest Moon Catering. Photography, Celestial Sights. Florist, Floral Images Design Studio. Rentals, Paisley & Jade. Lighting and Drape, Skyline Tent Company. Desserts, Maliha Creations. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Transportation, A&A Limousine. DJ, DJ Fit. Officiant, Gay Lee Einstein.

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Keswick Vineyards
May 28, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

For the Love of Chocolate

It all started with a shared piece of chocolate cake for Amber and Felipe (Lady and the Tramp style). They met on a Euro-trip with friends and after hour six of them meeting for the first time the rest was history!

On Sunday, May 28th we were able to take part in their special day. We learned about their love for chocolate, their passion for mac and cheese, and got a little back story on how this couple got to where they are today. While in Europe, everyone from the trip bought a bottle of wine in Italy and vowed to save it until the group was able to get together again. Well, the groom kept this promise. It was 5 years ago that they took their trip and Felipe brought with him the bottle of wine he’s been saving until the group was able to come back together. “There was something special about this girl,” he said. With a little speech to their guests about the significance of the wine, they then all toasted to Amber and Felipe’s love with the beautifully aged red he saved for this very moment.

Wine aside, there were many other special touches that made this day so wonderful. They had a beautifully decorated “Beauty and the Beast” inspired chandelier hung above the dance floor, elegant farm tables to create their head table, a wide assortment of spectacular desserts, and the forever-famous antique car that swept them away at the end of the night!

Well done gang! Another one in the books.


Event coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Catering, Roadside Chive. Photographer, C.Tyler Corvin Studio. Florist, Hedge Fine Blooms. Rentals, MS Events. Lighting & Chandelier, Skyline Tent Company. Transportation, Albemarle Limousine. Hair & Makeup, Avenue 42. Desserts, Sweet Fix RVA. DJ, Dennis Payne. Musician, Virginia Schweninger. Officiant, Allen Slifer.

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Keswick Vineyards
May 27, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards


9 years together and a year and a half of planning lead us to Larissa and Fern’s wedding on Saturday, May 27th. This couple was full of life, full of joy, and most importantly full of love. Throughout the planning process the couple and Keswick continued to develop a closer relationship. They’re the type of people whose energy is contagious, so it’s hard not to fall in love with them! They radiated even more of this energy on their wedding day and we were so thankful to have celebrated with them!

Celebration was certainly the right word for them. This group was ready from the moment they stepped onto the property and the fun continued well into the night! The vineyard was the focus of their ceremony and it could not have been any more perfect. In true “Fern fashion” he decided to set the tone off right and lead him and his groomsmen down the aisle for a grand entrance! The music was changed, the guys were signaled, and they strut down that aisle and made quite the impression!

There were more surprises throughout the night. This group was full of them. After a beautiful cocktail hour, they were ready for reception. Dinner was served. Guests ate and were merry. But, what’s a party without an opening act? When the couple was ready for their first dance they took their places on the dance floor. They started with their traditional slow first dance song and midway switched into what quickly became the theme song of the night……Despecito! Fern and Larissa surprised the crowd with a choreographed dance to everyone’s favorite song. They ended with Fern spinning her around for one final twirl and then they invited everyone on the dance floor to continue the fun!

Sweet Frog made an appearance at the end of the night with their soft serve frozen yogurt truck and left our #ferissaforever party on the sweetest note.


Thank you to our amazing team who helped pull off yet another spectacular event!

Event coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Catering, Harvest Moon Catering. Photographer, Nikki Santerre Photography. Videographer, Ian’s Creations. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop and Top Knot Studio. Photo Booth, MoxBox. Florist, Hedge Fine Blooms. Officiant, Francisco DeJesus. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Rentals, MS Events. DJ, Ryan Keresy. Desserts, Sweet Frog

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Keswick Vineyards
May 20, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

It's all in the Details

When you focus on the details, you can turn something seemingly ordinary extraordinary. Dana and Curt were married here over UVA’s graduation weekend at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, May 20th. Their wedding was full of well thought out and carefully crafted details that heightened their wedding elements into ones that were exceptionally editorial.

From start to finish their wedding was a show-stopper. For their ceremony, they chose Keswick’s classic panorama location, which gives guests a taste of everything that Keswick has to offer. While guests are seated for ceremony they have sweeping views of the Estate, our fountain, our Viognier growing in the vineyard, and the mountains.  It’s a view that truly never gets old!

After Dana and Curt's ceremony completed, guests were ushered to cocktail hour where they were greeted with A Pimento’s catering staff offering a variety of classic cocktails and Keswick’s refreshing white and red Virginia wines. This couple decided to have their bar be a statement piece for their cocktail hour. We loved the rented wooden bars from MS Events. Three separate bars were grouped together to make one gigantic bar for this wedding. They were displayed beautifully underneath of our nearly 315 year old oak tree!

Once cocktail hour was over, everyone was lead underneath of the reception tent and the "oo's" and "ah's" came flooding! They decided to mix in some rented square tables with our regular inventory and swap out our fruitwood chiviari chairs for their rented cross back chairs, which looked stunning! Combining different shapes of tables helped make the reception space more intimate and cozy for their family style meal.

We want to wish Dana and Curt a very big congratulations from the Keswick team! Our vendors were phenomenal in making their wedding day so memorable!


Event coordinator, Windy Jennings with LK Events & Design. Catering, A Pimento Catering. Photographer, Shannon Moffit Photography. Florist, Foxtail Cottage Floral. DJ, Derek Tobler. Rentals, MS Events. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Videographer, Amanda Finn Videography. Transportation, Camryn Limousine and A Goff Limousine. Officiant, Mala Cunningham. Desserts, Maliha Creations and The Pie Chest.

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Keswick Vineyards
May 13, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Go Dukes!

With a couple like Jamee and Tripp who have been together for nearly 10 years, there are bound to be a countless amount of memories made. On Saturday, May 13th we helped them make even more!

We celebrated both their marriage and Keswick’s new German Shepherd puppy that day! The couple couldn’t wait to take a photo with him. It was such a cute moment. The bride knew she had to get her puppy hugs right after she walked down the aisle!

It was clear that this group was well loved, with close to 200 guests and a bridal party of twenty we had a full house. As it turns out, a great deal of them went to college together at JMU (go Dukes!) We quickly found this out early on in the day when the group took great action shots with purple and yellow streamers in the back of the house. Later on in the night, we found out that’s where Tripp and Jamee’s love story originally began.

During cocktail hour and reception Keswick’s award winning wines were featured beautifully at the bar in a way we’ve never seen before. Take a look at the awesome light up display done by Blue Ridge Catering! We’ll definitely be remembering that for future recommendations for our weddings to come.

After an amazing “home” cooked meal by Blue Ridge Catering they were ready to get the party started. With a group this size, you know there had to be some characters hiding in the crowd. Toasts were said and formal dances were had and then….the music changed! The groomsmen joined Tripp and his mother after their mother/son dance and surprised everyone with a choreographed routine! From there, the bridesmaids followed in tow and the rest of the guests quickly made their way onto the dance floor as well. It was the perfect way to get the dancing started and let the good times roll!


We couldn’t have done it without our great team. Thank you to the following:

Event coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Caterer, Blue Ridge Cafe & Catering Co. Photographer, Kristen Garten Photography. Desserts, Buttercream Dreams. DJ, T.D. Layman with Sound Enforcement DJ Service. Florist, The Flower Center. Musicians, Perfect Harmony String Ensemble. Officiant, Laura Dascher. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Transportation, Blue Ridge Tours. Rentals, MS Events. Hair & Makeup, Cadie Eye with The Hairstyling Shop.

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Keswick Vineyards
May 6, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Fun and Games

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, we welcomed a new couple into our collection of recently married lovers here at Keswick Vineyards. It had a been a long time coming for Natasha and Brian; and it was a journey well worth the wait!

This couple was all about just having a good time. They operated under the mentality of life being a gift and their main goal was for all of their guests to have a relaxing and great time. That being said, they partied! It was easy for them to let loose and relish in the good vibes of their wedding day with the amazing team of vendors they had lined up by their side. Not a detail was missed as they made their journey throughout the planning process and the efforts certainly showed on wedding day!

Everything from Natasha and Brian's picture perfect ceremony onto the fun and games they played during their reception were perfectly them and we loved it! As a part of their wedding day fun the couple recruited the help of the Photo Booth of Charlottesville.  Guests snapped silly photos of themselves and left them for Natasha and Brian to enjoy in lieu of a traditional guest book. They also played "The Shoe Game", which was a first for me. T.D. Layman MC'd  a series of questions that helped us gage how well this couple really knew one another. In a light hearted fashion he asked the couple questions like "who laid eyes on who first" and "who wears the pants in this relationship". To respond, the bride and groom would raise the shoe of the person  they thought to be the correct answer! It was an absolute hoot and a great intermission in between all of the fun!


To all of our vendors...we couldn't have done it without you.

Day of coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Caterer, Harvest Moon Catering. Photographer, Jack Looney Photography. DJ, T.D. Layman with Sound Enforcement DJ Service. Florist, Lacy's Florist. Hair & Makeup, Nicole Laughlin Bridal Makeup. Desserts, Carpe Donut. Transportation, Camryn Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Rentals, MS Events. Officiant, Deborah Hudson.

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Keswick Vineyards
April 29, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

A Decade DONE

They've been together for 10 years and this couple is as strong as ever. Leigh and Aaron met at the Foxfield races exactly 10 years ago and on Saturday, April 29, 2017 they celebrated their anniversary by solidifying their love with marriage.

One beautiful part about spending that amount of time together is watching each other grow. Especially when you start in the more shaping and significant years of your early 20s, the possibilities are endless! Within their time together, the groom became an architect and the bride a school psychiatrist.

As a nod to his architecturally precise and creative side, the groom got crafty! All of their chalkboard wedding signs, concrete sign holders and other succulent inspired decor were handmade by the groom himself (with a little help from the bride as well of course)! They collaborated their design ideas with their florist to add similar elements into their flowers and centerpieces for their reception. Take a look at those trees! (They're Manzanita tree's to be exact.) They were well over 5ft tall and had glass globes with candles and air plants suspended from their branches. It was a first ever done by Foxtail Cottage Floral and by the looks of it I'm sure they'll be suggesting it again!

We love seeing how our couples bring bits of themselves into their wedding days, and this one was no exception.

Thank you to everyone who helped end their decade right!

Day of coordinator, Angelica with Keswick Vineyards. Caterer, C&O Catering. Photographer, Amy Jackson Photography. Florist, Foxtail Cottage Floral. Hair, Brianna B. Adams LLC. Makeup, Gohar Makeup. DJ , Frank Smith with Primetime Sound & DJ Service. Musicians, Terra Voce. Desserts, Pearls Bake Shoppe. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Transportation, Easy Riders Bus Company. Rentals, MS Events. Officiant, Rodney Suddith.



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