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Cindy Schornberg
September 29, 2017 | Weddings | Cindy Schornberg

The "Best Day"

The marriage of Amanda & Evan on Friday, September 29, 2017 started a three wedding week end at Keswick Vineyards and what a beautiful day it was!  Amanda and her bridesmaids spent the afternoon in our bridal suite getting their hair done while enjoying some wine.  The guys all relaxed in our “man’s cave” while watching football, playing pool and of course, enjoying some refreshments.  What a great way to have everyone in one space to begin the celebration.

For their ceremony, Amanda and Evan did the sand tradition.  With that, they each have a bottle with a different color of sand in it.  One at a time they pour a little of their sand into a container.  Each color of sand represents their two separate lives.  Then, once they both have done that, they both pour at the same time their bottles of sand into the container to represent that the two of them are forever blended together and cannot be separate any more.  They will then keep that glass container on display in their home to always remind them that they are inseparable.

Some of their décor I really loved.  1st, the making of a bar using 2 wine barrels and a wood table top.  They added an extra feature of hanging a frame from the center of it to give it that little personal touch.  Next, their table numbers which they made.  Using wine bottles, they put number stickers on the wine bottles, spray painted them, then removed the number stickers and put some lights inside the bottle that were attached to a cork with an on/off switch.  LOVED them!  And finally, the 3 picture frames used to mark their 1st day, the yes day, and the best day.  How cute is that?

Thanks to the following vendors for doing such a fantastic job:  Karissa Coffey as their wedding planner, Catering by Goodrich Gourmet, Officiant Rev. Ed Martin, Desserts by Natalie Mongold, DJ Andy Wilfong of Party Masters, Videographer Christy Stevens, Hair by Lauren Perkins, Flowers by Zoie, Transportation by Camryn Limousine and tent lighting by Skyline Tent Company.



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