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Keswick Vineyards
November 5, 2016 | Weddings | Keswick Vineyards

Mozel Tov!

When you merge two lives you also merge two families. The merging of two families often times also means you're bringing two different backgrounds and sometimes even cultures together. The same holds true with religion, as we found out from Caroline and Nolan’s wedding day on November 5th!

The couple had two different religious backgrounds, which is common. Not everyone you meet and certainly not everyone you date is going to have the same religious views as you. What's important is how you decide to blend those together so that both views are both equally highlighted and respected. This couple did just that.

Caroline, being Lutheran, and Nolan being Jewish decided it was only appropriate to incorporate elements of both religions into their ceremony. Both Lutheran and Jewish wedding ceremonies have traditions that bind the couples together for life. Both take these traditions very seriously and are seen as the only proper way to enter into a successful marriage.

For the first time in my weddings career, I saw a dual ceremony! This couple had both a Minister and a Rabi for their ceremony. The two were standing side by side as they led the marriage ceremony of Caroline and Nolan in both the Lutheran and Jewish fashion! This is a great option for couples wondering how to satisfy both sides of their families.

The dual ceremony was complete and the couple and their guests were ready for a great night ahead! With cocktail hour well underway guests continued to enjoy delicious food from C&O while the couple snuck away for some famously fall photos. Like our featured couple from last week, they too lucked out with the peak of our fall colors! You'll see the smiles on their faces as Cindy and their photographers captured them in the beautiful light of the "golden hour".

Towards the end of the night, Scraps the cat made an appearance! She landed herself in the perfect position to grab the attention of one of their guests. She wasn't able to keep his attention for long though. Once he heard the party suddenly get livelier underneath of the Sperry tent he had to go and see what was going on.

What was all the commotion you ask? The hora! Another Jewish tradition. Guests lifted Caroline and Nolan in their chairs as they continued to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. Keswick employees may not lift chairs, but we will certainly lift our glasses and cheers our newlyweds!  


Catering, C&O Catering. Event planner, Events with Panache. Photographer, Jen Fariello Photography. Rentals, MS Events. Florist, Verde Natural Florals. Hair, Top Knot Studio. Makeup, Rouge 9. Desserts, HotCakes. DJ, Derek Tobler. Officiants, Rabi Annie Bornstein and Pastor Joseph Bolick. Transportation, Ambassador Limousine and UTS Charter Service. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company


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