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Cindy Schornberg
October 6, 2017 | Weddings | Cindy Schornberg

JMU & Rock-N-Roll Weddings Ties

Starting off our four day wedding weekend is Brittany & Joe’s wedding on Friday, October 6th.  Thankfully, they did the old southern tradition and buried a bottle of bourbon to ensure beautiful weather for their fall vineyard wedding.  As you can see by the photos, it worked again!

  Brittany and Joe did a few unique things at their wedding that I haven’t seen before.  Lets start with their flowers.  Instead of each bridesmaid having a bouquet, Brittany had each bridesmaid “wear” their flowers.  Some had a collar, a ring, a bracelet, hair piece, etc.  No one had the traditional bouquet.  For the boutonniere, the guys had shot gun shells to hold their flowers.  Why shot gun shells you ask?  Well, they love Guns –N- Roses and thought this was a great way to bring a piece of that rock band into their wedding.

  For their guest book they had a hand drawn map of the local area featuring Keswick Vineyards and other favorite spots of theirs and had guests sign the matte around it.  To continue the “map” theme was a framed map that had states that the couple had visited to assign which table each guests would sit at.  Versus having table numbers, the tables were a state and had a picture of the couple at that state to give it that extra personal touch.

  But the highlight for this wedding was definitely when the JMU mascot Bulldog arrived and helped escort the couple under the tent for the reception!  The couple even got to share their first dance with the bulldog.  It was just the cutest thing to see the mascot bulldog dance with one of their flower girls.  Precious!

  Thanks to the following vendors for making this night a night to remember for all who attended:  It’s Your Day wedding planner, Officiant Josh B. Klotz, Caterer Roadside Chive, DJ Derek Tobler, Photographer Katie Lea Photography, Make-up by The Studio, Hair by Adrienne, Blakemores Flowers and A&A Limousine for transportation.


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