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Cindy Schornberg
October 7, 2017 | Weddings | Cindy Schornberg

High School Sweethearts

I’m sure Lauren never thought when she was 15 years old that she would end up marrying the boy who sat behind her in French class that would put paper wads in her hood.  But guess what?  She did!  And on Saturday, October 7th, Lauren and her high school sweetheart Cody were married at Keswick Vineyards.

They chose to be married in front of Edgewood Estate with the fountain, vineyard and mountains as their back drop.  What a beautiful day Mother Nature provided them with a soft cloud cover and gentle breeze to keep every guest comfortable for this outdoor wedding.

During the ceremony they did a unity candle.  With that, both Mothers come up to the alter and light individual candles.  They then hand them off to their respective child (the bride or groom) and then the couple light one “unity” candle to symbolize the joining of two families into one.

After the unity candle the couple proceeded to do the wine box.  For the wine box the couple picks one of Keswick Vineyards award winning wines to be placed in a box that won’t be opened for 1 or more years.  Besides the wine in the box the couple write love letters to each other that neither have read before.  They are sealed in this box.  This wine box is to remain sealed until a designated time like their first anniversary or fifth or tenth anniversary.  At that time, they will enjoy the bottle of wine while reading these love letters that they wrote on their wedding day.  If the couple hits a bump in the road and are having some doubts about each other, they are to open that box at that time, have some wine, read those letters and hopefully that will re-lite the marriage.

Thanks to the following vendors for all their hard work:  Southern Inn Catering, Pearls Bakery, DJ Fit (Nathan May), Photographer Tyler Corvin, Foxtail Cottage Florist, Albemarle Limousine and Rev. Bhani Moore.


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