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Keswick Vineyards
October 23, 2016 | Weddings | Keswick Vineyards

Happy-ly ever After

When Nathan and Callie came to visit Keswick Vineyards for the first time there was nothing but pure joy sweeping across their faces. They had big beaming smiles and hearts in their eyes all through their initial tour. It became apparent, very quickly, that they were walking the grounds of their dream wedding venue.

Callie and Nathan’s happiness was contagious. In fact, little did we know, the groom’s nickname was actually Happy! After finding that out it just all made sense and on Sunday, October 23rd Callie and Happy were married.

Their wedding gave off an upscale and elegant vibe all the while being relaxed and cozy. The bridesmaids dresses were in a beautiful rich shade of red which really popped with the greenery around the vineyard. When you go with the color red for a dress you’re making a statement. The girls did just that as they walked down the ceremony aisle. They were the perfect “opening act” for beautiful Callie as she made her debut down (what very well could have been) her red carpet! Happy’s face when she hit the top of the aisle was precious. It’s sure to be a moment the two of them will cherish for the rest of their lives.

After a sentimental and wonderful ceremony, guests headed to cocktail hour while the couple snuck away for photos. Surrounding our big oak tree were cozy pockets of lounge furniture for guests to enjoy as they sipped their wine and cocktails and grabbed bites to eat from Goodrich Gourmet. Having lounge furniture during cocktail hour and reception is a great way to create more comfortable chatting environments for guests. They feel as if they’re right at home and are really able to relax. Having incredible 360 views is just an added bonus! 

Mingling and chatting are naturally a part of every wedding. Families and friends come from all corners of the world in order to celebrate the love. It’s always great to reconnect with people in your lives…but talking can only get you so far. Eventually, you’re going to have to let loose and hit the dance floor! The “Love Train” is what brought this group together! They had a massive conga line going which was definitely one of the highlights of the evening!

To our forever smiling and full of life newlyweds, we wish you nothing but a very Happy-ly….ever after!


Wedding planner, Real Southern Accents. Caterer, Goodrich Gourmet Catering. Photography, Mike Topham Photography. Florist, Floral Images. DJ, Andy Wilfong. Desserts, Albemarle Baking Company. Hair & Makeup, Transformations Artistry. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, John Jacobs. Rentals, Real Southern Accents and Classic Party Rentals



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