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Cindy Schornberg
May 24, 2015 | Weddings | Cindy Schornberg

Lauren & Alex's Wedding Day

Memorial Day week end is always a very busy wedding week end at Keswick Vineyards.  Starting off our triple wedding week end was Lauren & Alex's wedding on Friday, May 22nd.  Being from Texas, Alex had each of his groomsmen wear a Texas flag bow tie.  Alex, of course, wore his cowboy boots as a true Texan would.  Lauren and her bridesmaids looked so glamorous is their champaign colored dresses.  Lauren & Alex chose the side lawn of Edgewood Estate at Keswick Vineyards to host their ceremony to take advantage of the whole view of the Estate, the fountain, the vineyard and the mountains.  Truly the most spectacular view!  Lauren & Alex did something really neat during their ceremony that I have never seen before.  At the beginning of the ceremony the officiant took some time to introduce each member of the wedding party so the rest of the guests attending would know a little bit about them and how they new the couple.  Really personalized their ceremony and the guests really enjoyed it.  Another very personalized and touching moment was the father/daughter dance.  Lauren's father had been writing a song since Lauren was born incorporating all those significant moments like birth, first day of school, college and then marriage into it.  He and Lauren had prerecorded the song with the two of them singing it.  At the end of the song it requested that everyone join them on the dance floor to celebrate this special day.  Wow, hard to beat that one huh?  Alex's father also had his moment to shine  that evening.  He took center stage to use a saber to open a bottle of champaign!  It was perfect!  Lastly, the groom and his groomsmen really stoled the night when they surprised Lauren with a perfectly choreographed dance finishing with the guys lifting her in a chair.  Alex, you really did an awesome job!  So, as you can see, this wedding was definitely done BIG but what else would you expect from some Texans?  Congratulations and thanks to the following vendors: Wedding Planner Becca Bee's Events, Caterer Caroline Street, Officiant Charlie Parker, Photographer Rebecca Keeling, Hair & Make-up by Jeanne Cusick, Colonial Florist, Desserts by Sweethaus and Easy Riders for transportation.


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