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Cindy Schornberg
May 25, 2015 | Weddings | Cindy Schornberg

Stephanie & Mhamed's Wedding Day

Our second wedding on this Memorial week end was Stephanie & Mhamed who were married on Saturday, May 23rd.  Again, the weather was just perfect!  Just like yesterdays wedding, Stephanie & Mhamed did something different during their ceremony.  Being from two different cultures, they chose at the beginning of their ceremony to have guests stand up and greet the person next to them and embrace them with a hug if they were comfortable with that.  Stephanie & Mhamed wasn't real sure how this would go over but it went better then they could of imagined.  I saw families going from one side of the aisle to the other to introduce themselves and become one family at that moment.  It was the perfect thing to do to break any cultural differences.   Stephanie ended up wearing three different dresses which all had special meanings to her.  Her first dress that she wore for her ceremony was the same dress her Mother wore at her wedding!  How special is that?   Her Mother-in-law brought her a yellow dress from Morocco to represent their family heritage.  Finally, her third dress was one she could dance the night away in!  Stephanie and Mhamed have such a loving and caring nature to them and it was evident by them donating to charities in their guests names versus having any favors for them.  The orchids in Stephanie's bouquet and floral arrangements were amazing!  My favorite part had to be the delicious sweet table created by Sweet Haus but my daughter really enjoyed the Henna artist that was their through out the evening for the guests.  Thanks to the following vendors for making this wedding so special:  Caterer & Event Planning by Roadside Chive, Officiant Julie Trump, Desserts by Sweet Haus, Photographer Eric Lee from George Street Photography, Hair & Make-up by Atlas Salon, Flowers by Verde Natural Florals, The Henna Lady and DJ Ran Henry.


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